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Medico-Legal evidence in rape cases: analysis with
special reference to Sri Lanka

Muthukuda Arachchige Dona Shiroma Jeeva Shirajanie Niriella*


Author affiliation

Faculty of Law, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
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This manuscript attempts to provide an answer to several theoretical questions concerning the interaction between the processes of democratization and globalization, and women’s empowerment. By integrating conceptual models of political processes and global market economic development, this study overviews several mechanisms of democratization and globalization that could lead to women’s empowerment but may fall short of actual positive outcomes for women. The critical review and derived conceptual framework groups political and economic variables to explain why the benefits of democracy and globalized development are not equally distributed across genders. Consequently, this critical review can be used to address the implications for future research on, and policy making for, women’s empowerment.


Medico-legal evidence, medico-legal service, offence of rape, Sri Lanka

Received: Jan 14, 2018
Revised: March 14, 2018
Accepted: March 14, 2018
Published on: May 3, 2018
European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS), vol. 1, no. 1, pp.23-32



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